Essay Contest

Thank you to all Essay Contest entrants this year! We are happy to share each entry here on this page (see below). We’d also like to give a special congratulations to Victoria Parker, a graduating senior who has received our $100 scholarship which will support her when she begins college at the University of Pittsburgh! We’d also like to thank the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation for co-sponsoring this contest!

To any students in the Keystone Central School District who haven’t yet graduated: we encourage you to enter our contest again next year!

Details/Prompt from 2021’s Year’s Contest:

We wanted to know how the children in our community have personally been affected by COVID-19 so that we can do our part to help them; what better way to find out than to ask them? We are kicking off our second annual Essay Contest with this year’s theme being “Recovery, Reflection, & Anticipation.” Prompt Question: “How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way you value your family, friends, or just life in general?” “What are you looking forward to most as we move toward recovery?” “How can Kiwanis help the kids in our community recover quickly and thrive?” (Artistic creations are encouraged for younger contestants or in addition to the essays.)